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Jihui furniture to teach you how to choose the sofa for home use?

Release time£º2021/3/26 17:20:35
A look at the firmness of the skeleton of the sofa
The firmness of the sofa framework is related to the life and quality assurance of the sofa. The simplest way is to lift the end of the sofa and see if the other leg of the sofa is away from the ground when the part of the sofa is raised 10 centimeters from the ground. If the other side is also away from the ground, the sofa skeleton is strong and the quality is passed. Without leaving the ground, the material used for the skeleton is not hard enough or the skeleton is not strong enough.
Two see the filling quality of the sofa
The quantity and quality of the interior filler of the sofa can ensure the user's feeling of use, and the life of the sofa. Hand the sofa handrails and seats, if we can clearly notice that the existence, it is proved that this sofa filling density is not high, flexibility is not good enough. Easily according to the wooden sofa sofa sets would accelerate wear, reduce the service life of sofa.
Three see the resilience of the sofa
Sofa back stretch is said elastic quality of the sofa or not, good flexibility can ensure people's comfort and resilience test sofa is free fall sitting on the sofa, sofa cushion body at least is played more than 2 times, said that this set of sofa of good elasticity, and life will be longer. But it is not recommended to do so often, causing too much pressure on the skeleton of the sofa to destroy the skeleton.
Four see the details of the sofa
The details of the sofa should be carefully examined. Matching pillows opened the zipper, observe and touch with their hands inside the crinoline and filler; lift the sofa to see the bottom of the handle is meticulous, sofa legs are straight, surface treatment is smooth, leg bottom whether mat details. The good sofa is also fine in the details.
Five look on the surface of the sofa
The material used on the surface of the sofa makes us often contact, if the use of inferior products, serious will make the skin allergic. Touch the skin on the sofa with hand to see if there is any phenomenon of stimulating the skin. Observe whether the whole part of the sofa is uniform in color, whether the seams are solid and smooth, and whether the work is fine.

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