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How to make use of the sofa to lay out the comfortable and free space

Release time£º2021/3/26 17:20:35
It's a luxury to own a small apartment for 70 or 80 generations living in this crowded city, let alone buy luxurious atmosphere "tuhao" furniture. In the limited space, want to arrange the five dirty living room space, may as well narrow your furniture size, buy several reasonable size of the "city sofa". Small space, how to use the sofa to lay out the comfortable and free space? Try the following ways!
One, do not let the sofa face to face
Each room prepare at least 4 individual seats, remember not to let the sofa face, although it looks very nice but formal talks of symmetry, and eating, people will talk and turn the people around. If you want to put a pair of couches and a pair of armchairs, you can make two sofa at right angles, and put two chairs opposite to one sofa, so that you will create a warm atmosphere and intimacy to the greatest extent.
Two. The sofa lies on the narrowest wall
If the room is small, it is necessary to put the sofa on the narrowest and not the longest wall, and if placed in front of the window it will be more beautiful. In particular, the city dwellers in the small living room are very suitable for this, especially by placing a 1.5 meter long double small sofa or a "city sofa" that is 1.8-1.9 meters long. It can also leave enough space to place a lovely small side table.
Three. Divide the group with the carpets
Small space or the pursuit of fashion owners, I suggest that you can choose the rug, but the carpet can not be too small, otherwise it will appear very sharp, low. The furniture of the same area must be covered with carpets under the four legs. The exception is that the carpet is not laid under the rear leg of the wall sofa. If the room is covered with a whole carpet, 31-46 centimeters of space should be left by the wall. If the room is not large, it can be 18-31 centimeters.

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