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How to match the living room sofa with curtains

Release time£º2021/3/26 17:20:35
Mention the living room decoration collocation, the need to pay attention to is nothing more than color coordination curtains, sofa, pillows. Today, Xiao Bian will take you to learn the successful living room soft fitting collocation case.
Scheme 1: pure white VS, bright red green

The simple space decorated with pure white sofa, with the curtain of fashionable and gorgeous flower pattern, adds the flavor of fashion.

The pillow is red and green, with flower pattern effect.
Edit comment: white is the bearer of fashion, is the most inclusive color, only with white collocation lively feeling of red and green, the taste in fashion to settle down, the red and green collocation is peaceful, no flashy feeling, but the more monotonous white sofa and white walls off the angry.

Scheme two: elegant beige VS birds'twitter and fragrance of flowers

Elegant beige sofa with delicate yellow cloth curtain, supplemented by Southeast Asian style design, mix and match fashion.

It's like a bird's tail feathers, elegant yellow and lavender.

The pattern of the curtain makes people feel like a plant kingdom in Southeast asia.
Edit comment: beige European style sofa noble feeling, but stylish living room also need more gentle and friendly and amiable and easy of approach, yellow and purple joined in, form a gentle mysterious and elegant chic living space.

Program three: capable grey VS fresh dandelion

Gray has been able to give people the ability to feel the atmosphere, with simple and fresh dandelion, giving people a fresh feeling.

The dandelion flying in the sky reminds us of childhood memories.

The sky is blue and yellow to bloom in the headrest.
Edit comment: grey is the colour of the earth, is frequently used in modern building color, the calm atmosphere, but too strong, no vitality, with dancing dandelion pattern fabric to weaken the color, the fresh and upward vitality into the gray world.

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