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Comparison of several sofa fabric material characteristics

Release time£º2021/3/26 17:20:35
We know that the sofa made according to different materials, is divided into many kinds, such as leather sofa, leather sofa, fabric sofa, sofa for each kind of lumber gap, the market price also presents the different level of state. In recent years, people began to pursue a simple life, including diet, home decoration, furniture selection, etc., all reflect the simple concept of life. Cloth sofa as a simple furniture, and therefore favored by consumers. It is understood that with the popularity of this sofa fabric, materials can be used to make cloth sofa, a lot of listed below, one by one to see their respective characteristics.
The first kind: the most common and the most practical sofa fabric material -- cotton. According to the amount of cotton material, cotton material has good or bad points, in other words, not all cotton fabric sofa market price is the same, often with higher cotton fabric fabric material, the price will be higher. Professionals, the biggest advantage of this material is moisture absorption, breathable, easy to take care of, anti-static.
But at the same time, it also has the shortcomings that can not be ignored, that is, after a period of use, fabric wrinkles easily. Moreover, the cotton sofa fabric is easy to shrink, so when you wash, you need to choose the right cleaning agent, and the use of appropriate methods.
Second kinds: polyester fabric sofa fabric, which is more common in our lives, professionals introduced, polyester is a synthetic material, it has the advantages of wear resistance, elasticity, heat resistance and so on. But it also has annoying shortcomings, such as: air tight, easy to generate static electricity, etc..
Third: cotton mixed sofa cloth material, seen from the literal meaning is not difficult, making the composition of this kind of material including polyester and cotton, so it has the advantage of combining features of the above two materials, namely, abrasion resistance, good cleaning, flexibility is good, the only drawback is the heat resistance, poor fastness.
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