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How to clean the sofa that can not be disassembled?

Release time£º2021/3/26 17:20:35
1. should not use a large amount of water scrubbing
If you use a lot of water scrubbing cleaning cloth sofa, there may be water will seep into the inner lead frame, sofa, fabric sofa internal filler damp, deformation, shrinkage and other conditions, if they do not have the experience, can ask professional sofa cleaning staff to help.
2. scrub with clean water
This cleaning method is mainly used for cloth sofa dirty, mainly cloth cloth sofa mask removed, and then according to the sofa cleaning instructions cleaning.
3. use special cleaning agent
Sometimes there is a small stain on the fabric sofa, which can be cleaned with special cleaning agent for sofa or carpet. The specific cloth sofa cleaning method is to use a clean white cloth dipped in a small amount of detergent, wipe repeatedly in the stain until the stain removed.
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