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Leather sofa how to prevent mildew?

Release time£º2021/3/26 17:20:35
1, leather sofa moldy environment conditions
Leather products in the humid environment, the presence of animal fouling and high temperature conditions, often due to the mold and yeast breeding, so that its quality has been seriously affected. Mildew on leather, light leather will lose luster, or mold the secretion of the enzyme, will cause erosion of leather fiber, grain brittle and mildew, the physical and mechanical properties of leather leather products decreased, shorten the service life.
2, leather sofa to prevent mildew Countermeasures
Because moisture is an important condition for leather mildew, and animal fouling (mostly human sweat dirt) and higher temperature is also an important condition for mildew, so leather products should be placed in a dry environment.
Often used leather sofa, even in a humid environment, if the use of black gold steel cortex care emulsion maintenance, will not be moldy. If you do not use for a long time, you should use black gold steel cortex care lotion, wipe, maintenance and collection, so that you can effectively prevent mildew.
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